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Trainer Card

Hey all!
First post~
Thought I'd introduce myself with my Trainer Card. ;3

The trainer sprite is me wearing this dress:
Anyway, my name's Kelly, but I'm trying to make Key Rey a permanent thing ;P But you can call me by either of them, or even just Faerieharp or Faerie.
Jigglypuff's my favorite Pokemon and I've got a Shiny Rattata in HG and refuse to remove him from my main team xD


I just bought  this off of Etsy, and wanted to create a Pokemon themed Lolita outfit. So, I cruise on over to LJ search bar, type in Lolita Pokemon. This is what I found. I think I'm going to cry. T_T
Not sure if you guys saw this:

She is selling Pokemon Jewellery :D

games, games, GAMES!

Good day, lolis:)

Recently, I have been playing pokemon crystal for the gba nonstop. (it is my FAV game of the pokemon series ^.^) I was wondering, which pokemon games are your favorite and why?

what would be your dream pokemon-themed dress?
Anyone here made a lolita OP or JSK out of Pokemon printed fabric?
I am really interested in buying one?


The perfect little club....I'm a super fan of both pokemon and lolita!

Lolita Pokemon fanarts

This comm's been kinda.. dead (I'm going to change that shortly; I plan to message the egl and pokemon  mods after posting this for permission to advertise it) so I thought I'd post some Lolita and Lolita inspired (the Darkrai gijinka is questionable in its loliness, but the inspiration's definitely there) Pokemon fan art (not mine, probably Japanese). Enjoy. (Everything is from the #pocketmonsters imageboard except for the Darkrai one.)

Also, everyone welcome my boyfriend, enigma_shadow1 , who just joined this comm (after I told him about it). He showed me most of these pics, so a big thanks to him.

Pretty pics under the cut.Collapse )


Rocket Challenge attempt

Challenge attemptCollapse )

I'm hoping this has worked this time.

Oct. 16th, 2008

I think, we should start a "challenge" of sorts, just for fun. And all design a Lolita Team Rocket outfit.

Becuase if there's two things I love, it's Loli, and Team Rocket XD

Art to follow <3<3<3

Hello there.

I've been into Pokemon since it started over 10 years ago and I've been a lolita follower for that last 3 years.
I currently own all the games minus, silver(mines broke), Staduim 2, XD, Peral, Red team resuce, Ranger and the lastest two time and darkness. I really need to get them, I feel bad for not owning them.
I stopped collecting the cards after the second lot was realsed, I've a shoe box full of cards. Too much to collect and not enough room for them all.
My favourite item that I own of pokemon is a cute pikachu bubble blower, he sits on a little pink colloured pokeball.
It's very nice to meet you all.