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pokemon_lolita's Journal

The Pokemon... among the flowers...
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A community for Lolitas who love Pokemon and Pokemon fans who love Lolita fashion

Welcome to Pokemon Lolita.. a community for Lolitas who love Pokemon, Pokemon fans who love Lolita fashion, people who find amusement in dressing James up like Mana, or simply anyone who likes Mudkips, especially when those Mudkips are wearing a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright OP. This comm's currently under construction (please pardon our mess!) but if anyone wants to contribute art, layouts, or userpics (better than the Rose of Versailles-inspired one I have now), they're more than welcome to!

So, what kind of things do we want to see on Pokemon Lolita?
-Pokemon inspired Lolita dresses: Cosplay loli, character inspired dress designs, whatever. As long as you don't look like an ita, we wanna see it.
-Fanfiction: Got a story about Marley dying to come out? Want to send Misty shopping for Loli in Celadon City? Any Lolita-oriented Pokemon fanfiction is fair game here.
- Fan art: Aside from the aforementioned James dressed up as Mana, it can be agreed everyone looks better in Lolita. Share your creative visions here!
- Lolita shoots with plushies: Like our banner art girl, Lolita and Pokemon go together like peanut butter and jelly. Coordinate a dress with your favorite plushie.
-Character discussions: As long as you can tie them in with Lolita, anything goes.

What we don't want:
-Bashing: Because it's not ladylike. Period.
-Stupidity: Honestly, if you're going to post here, use grammar for Novala's sake.
-Offtopicness: Friendcodes and rescue codes for MD are fine. Nothing wrong with a little networking. Random "who do you think Ash will catch next" is not. Unless Ash is wearing a BtSSB onepiece.